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We’ve worked with a range of sectors – higher education, estates, financial services, technology, youth and children services, arts and creatives, sports and wellness, libraries and heritage – operating the private, public and third sectors. This cross-sector experience helps us foster learning, compare trends and spot partnership potential across different sectors, which is key to any organisation looking to achieve sustainable growth.

Our approach is about harnessing the inherent strengths of a business and the people who run it so they are able to develop and flourish long after our engagement is over. The term ‘MetaValue’ means ‘inherent potential’ – which we believe every organisation and individual has. Our expertise and role is to unlock that potential and the measure of our success is in walking away from every project not needed any more.

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Starting with Service and your customers, we take a growth-focussed approach to help you creatively look at generating new income streams and enhancing current income. This not only sets a positive context for change within the organisation but also allows you to look beyond the logistics of a change or improvement programme for a sustainable future.

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We understand your challenges in the journey to being world-class. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and delivered based on your unique priorities.

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To make transformation happen successfully, we believe it is essential to build a common vision together that everyone in the team understands and owns, setting the right foundation for the future. We understand that different sectors require specific and tailored support and we adapt our methodology and approach to suit these requirements.
Read more about how we support our four main sectors and the successes we have achieved together, below.

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