MetaValue Services

We understand your challenges in the journey to being world-class. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and delivered based on your unique priorities.

People make change happen. Therefore for any change programme to be successful, it must engage and inspire people right from the start.

Our Services

We offer a range of services that are delivered to suit your organisation’s unique needs and style of operating. Often there is a complex web of internal and external factors that leads to issues and bottlenecks. Therefore we don’t expect our customers to pick a service ‘off the shelf’ but work with you to first define the problem you are trying to solve.

Service & Effectiveness

Customer perception audit

Service baseline to understand your performance today

Service improvement roadmaps and implementation

Business case for change

Customer service training

Performance measurement frameworks to drive results

Pricing strategy

Harness the power of technology to engage customers and drive growth

Operations & Efficiency

Process improvement

Process awareness & Six Sigma training

Operations baseline to understand your cost and efficiency

Options appraisal and implementation of alternative delivery models

Estates – rationalisation, strategy and business case

Procurement improvement

Outsourcing advisory. People – skills baseline and development plans

Engaging staff to create high performance teams

Sales & Growth

Sales strategies that identifies untapped opportunities

Creating new service offerings that match customer expectations

Sales and pipeline tracking frameworks to achieve revenue targets

Stakeholder engagement

Marketing, branding and growth strategies

Change management

Commercial structuring and deal support. Setting up shared services and collaborative arrangements

‘White Space’ strategy – redeploying spare capacity for growth


As we work with organisations to transform the way they deliver services and operate, we promise to:

  • Be engaging and collaborative – developing all key deliverables with staff through interactive workshops, building on the skills and knowledge of your people.
  • Bring everyone along on the journey – whether it is the Board or Trade Unions or the local community, we identify key stakeholders early on and work with you to ensure buy-in.
  • Embed knowledge and skills – we share our IP and reusable tools with your people so they can continue make improvements long after our engagement is over – so we are defeated by our own success .
  • Be hands on – each member of our team brings decades of experience in their respective field of expertise. As a team we believe in rolling up our sleeves and providing hands-on support to provide the highest level to expertise at the best value to you.
  • Keep it simple – we stay away from needless complexity – jargons, long reports and other bureaucratic time wasters. We believe in keeping things simple and pragmatic, delivering tangible results.


The three basic building blocks for any organisation (whether profit making or not-for-profit) are:

1. Service – what it provides to its customers
2. Production – how it provides the services, the resources and costs involved
3. Income – what makes the service sustainable

Often improvement in service leads to higher costs and conversely cost-cutting leads to poor service, neither of which is sustainable. Our methodology, originally developed in the 1980′s in the UK public sector, is about achieving this delicate balance between Service (what you do) and Production (how you organise). This means you can look at growth & effectiveness as well as costs & efficiency at the same time, which is what the most successful organisations do, rather than focussing on one or the other.
Starting with Service and your customers, we take a growth-focussed approach to help you creatively look at generating new income streams and enhancing current income. This not only sets a positive context for change within the organisation but also allows you to look beyond the logistics of a change or improvement programme for a sustainable future.