Start-ups & SMEs

We understand your challenges in the journey to being world class. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and your priorities.

As an entrepreneur-led business ourselves and having gone through the pains and gains of developing our own start-up into an established SME business, we can empathise with the world of early stage businesses and entrepreneurs. Translating the ambition for growth into reality in these dynamic times requires businesses to both predict and invent the future rather than just rely on current trends. The process of growth can’t be a one-off exercise, but something a business is equipped to do constantly. Our approach therefore is to focus on embedding the tools and mind-set that makes this possible for our customers.

MetaValue also has a wide network of associates with whom we share knowledge and expertise on an ongoing basis. Importantly, we see our role as working with our customers as real partners to test and make real the opportunities for growth that we identify. Both Meeta and Suzie are well entrenched in the investors and funder circle, which we regularly signpost new businesses and social enterprises to. Our relationships also help us guide our customers better on how they can make compelling cases to engage with investors.

At MetaValue we provide mentoring, workshops and deliver small consultancy projects to SMEs and start-ups. However, common to our approach is the use of workshops with entrepreneurs and/or their teams. This allows us to work with participants in a high-impact, time-efficient way. We therefore have a significant library of tried-and-tested workshops, tools and collateral in these areas that we use and adapt to suit the bespoke needs of our customers.

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How Metavalue assist and provide value for you

  • Customer Strategy
  • Operating Model for growth
  • Partnership and Commercial Strategy
  • Income and Funding Strategy and Plan
  • Bid Writing
  • Business Planning – writing your business plan
  • Business plan – review and advisory support
  • Change Management
  • Vision and Drivers for Strategy
  • Customer Engagement / Value Proposition
  • Social Enterprise Start-Ups
  • Presentation & Pitching
  • Communicating with your audience
  • Marketing Communications for start-ups
  • Brand Identity and Experience
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Analysis and Market Insight
  • Change Management
  • Change Readiness
  • Culture & Communications
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Access to Finance for Early Stage Businesses

Our approach is about harnessing the inherent strengths of a business and the people who run it so they are able to develop and flourish long after our engagement is over. The term ‘MetaValue’ means ‘inherent potential’ – which we believe every organisation and individual has. Our expertise and role is to unlock that potential and the measure of our success is in walking away from every project not needed any more.

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Starting with Service and your customers, we take a growth-focussed approach to help you creatively look at generating new income streams and enhancing current income. This not only sets a positive context for change within the organisation but also allows you to look beyond the logistics of a change or improvement programme for a sustainable future.

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We understand your challenges in the journey to being world-class. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and delivered based on your unique priorities.

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