Public Sector

We understand the challenges you face when delivering services effectively and efficiently against the backdrop of limited public sector funding. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and priorities.

We have worked with a number of Local Authorities to help look at ways of improving services and managing increased service demands.

We recognise that you are accountable to a number of stakeholders ranging from internal staff and local politicians, to taxpayers and local communities. That is why we engage stakeholders across all levels to gain buy-in and build ownership from an early stage and to ensure that the solutions are fit-for-purpose.

Our Track Record

We are part of the Cabinet Office Mutuals Advisory Network, supporting the spin-out of services across various Local Authorities under the pioneering Mutuals Support Programme. Mutuals are formed by public servants who “spin out” from the public sector and deliver their service under contract. This means the staff can be more responsive to local people’s needs, provide a better service and reduce wasteful red-tape.

Our customers include:

We have also successfully delivered projects under the Delivering Differently for Young People Programme that seeks to transform services for young people through new delivery models. This programme entails providing bespoke technical, legal and consultancy support to look at the full range of alternative delivery models that lie between in-house delivery and traditional outsourcing to build long-term service sustainability, and to then develop an implementation plan.

  • Surrey County Council
  • Telford & Wrekin Council
  • Birmingham City Council
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How Metavalue assist and provide value for you

  • Business Case for Change
  • Options Appraisal (Alternative service delivery models)
  • Mutuals Advisory Services
  • Pre and Post Spin-out Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Co-production opportunities with the voluntary and community sector
  • Income and Funding strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Brand Identity
  • Specialist support: HR, Finance, Legal, Procurement

Our approach is about harnessing the inherent strengths of a business and the people who run it so they are able to develop and flourish long after our engagement is over. The term ‘MetaValue’ means ‘inherent potential’ – which we believe every organisation and individual has. Our expertise and role is to unlock that potential and the measure of our success is in walking away from every project not needed any more.

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Starting with Service and your customers, we take a growth-focussed approach to help you creatively look at generating new income streams and enhancing current income. This not only sets a positive context for change within the organisation but also allows you to look beyond the logistics of a change or improvement programme for a sustainable future.

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We understand your challenges in the journey to being world-class. Our services are therefore designed around your needs and delivered based on your unique priorities.

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