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We help your organisation be more effective, more efficient and grow.


Establish the as-is so you don’t lose what is good and have a yardstick to measure success against. Baselining helps signpost improvements and quick wins.


Implement in the right, targeted way. Rather than a blanket approach, we concentrate on areas that add most value


Growth is not just a result but a driver of change. We consider it in all we do. It provides a vision for people to be engaged in change.


Measuring enables you to track progress and also signposts what next. It motivates people to achieve improvement targets and sets the right discipline for change.

What our customers say about us

MetaValue took time to understand us as an organisation and were excellent at using their methodology to get to the heart of our issues.Their approach has allowed us to meaningfully engage our staff, customers and the management team not only addressing the ‘trigger issues’ but also leaving everyone knowing that they and their expectations from the organisation are understood. We have already started implementing their recommendations.
Rebecca Stewart, CEO HTB Group

Working with the MetaValue team has been an absolute joy. They have made the process of change and getting my business fit and ready for externalisation easy, engaging and efficient. As a direct result of their involvement we have strengthened the business case, business plan, branding and determined the right structure for our new company moving forwards. Suzie and Meeta have provided the main support and I have found them to be open, professional and diligent. The experts on specific workstreams have been equally hands-on in getting things done and also demonstrate the same values. We will be a successful company in the near future and we will owe some of this success toMetaValue; they will have helped shape our journey and exit out of the Council.
Jaimin Patel, Managing Director, The Language Shop

MetaValue were an experienced team that brought with them a broad range of skills and expertise. They understood and worked with the Council’s ethos that developed relationships of trust at all levels of our organisation. This enabled them to challenge our thinking, inspire new approaches and collaborate with us to develop the most fit-for-purpose delivery model as we look to refigure our current provision to an innovative and sustainable service for Children & Young People in Telford.Jas Badesha, Service and Delivery Manager, Telford and Wrekin Council

MetaValue worked with us as real partners. They not only brought excellent subject-matter expertise and experience of supporting other spin-outs, but also an engaging approach that helped us develop the confidence to build a sustainable and flourishing future as a Public Service Mutual…. Their flexibility and pace was immensely helpful in delivering to the tight project deadlines. Whether as a critical friend, a sounding board or a trusted advisor, we could always count on the MetaValue team to be there to help us navigate the project challenges.Jayne Wilkins, Head of Service (Strategy and Development) Dudley Libraries and Archives

We have been working with MetaValue for several months now. Their approach has fully engaged the whole team which has led to real ownership of the business plan. They have steered us through the process, supporting us to come up with a vision which is meaningful and growth expectations which feel realistic.  Their style has enabled the team to find space to look to a future beyond the logistics of transition.Stephen Brewster, Director, Sports Partnership Herefordshire & Worcestershire

MetaValue are a trusted and valuable partner who share our belief that buildings have the potential to be inspiring and engaging spaces that truly reflect an organisations ethos and play a part in their growth and development. With their expertise in organisational growth and business planning they have really helped us articulate to our customers both the financial and wider benefits from our development schemes and they have de-mystified the financial aspects of what can often be complex development schemes.
Andrew Chadwick, Principal & Founder, Chadwick International

We offer a range of services that are delivered to suit your organisation’s unique needs and style of operating. Often there is a complex web of internal and external factors that leads to issues and bottlenecks. Therefore we don’t expect our customers to pick a service ‘off the shelf’ but work with you to first define the problem you are trying to solve.

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